Welcome to SmarterFarming

SmarterFarming is about directing farmers and graziers to 'smarter farming solutions', through

  • improved techniques
  • innovations
  • technologies
  • electronics and monitoring equipment
  • communications tools¬†
  • collaboration tools to give fast access to experts in the field

SmarterFarming puts farmers in direct contact with 'experts' experienced and specialised in their field. For a small fee, you are put in direct contact with one of our team of verified experts (you can read their resume) to solve your problem.

You simply fill in a simple form (no personal details required) posing your question or requirements and we direct you to the relevant 'expert'

It's like 'Phone A Friend', but your new friends are always 100% correct.


Why SmarterFarming?

Everyone is told they 'should work smarter, not harder' This website is a resource to help you reach that goal.