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Knowledge in farming, in common with every other areas of science, has rapidly grown over the last 50 years to a point of specialisation.

Traditionally, the advances in farming knowledge, techniques and technologies has spurned more higher education of farmers and the development of degrees in agriculture and farm management.

There comes a point where it is difficult for the farmer to become 'expert' in all areas, so specialists in the different areas of farming become more important in providing advice for farmers. Think agronomists, accountants or bankers. All generally locals with valuable advice.

But, what if you wanted to buy a bulldozer or a soil moisture sensor network or even a new laptop?

I would probably look to the internet and research and research and research.....you know the feeling....

I could go to the local dealer and end up with a D9, a $100,000 network and a $4,000 laptop, but somehow I don't think I'd be getting the most 'bang for my buck',

But what if you had a 'friend' that had 30 years experience in the mining and earthmoving game, or a 'friend' who had researched soil moisture networks for 10 years, or a computer nerd 'friend'

That's where we come in. We seek out experts to help you solve problems and meet your requirements. We link farmers to the most relevant 'expert'. Problems solved!!!!!